The ACTA Special Interest Group is a forum for people who have an interest in ACTA hydrogen technology.

Active users of ACTA's products, who have a long term interest in the continued development and availability of this technology, came to the idea to organize this forum. The aim is to meet, discuss and share experiences with other interested persons.

This website is in not an official site of Acta S.p.A. It is a site run by users and enthusiasts.

AEM Electrolyser Technology

The core competency of ACTA lies in their Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolyser stack technology. ACTA’s electrolyser stack combines the benefits of the relatively cheap liquid alkaline electrolyser with those of the more flexible but costly polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyser.

The ACTA SIG will collect links and information provided by members. Anyone can use this collection to better understand the current situation and developments surrounding ACTA and their technology.
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Finally it is the SIG’s desire to provide an overview about the market and connect with companies developing and selling technology and products similar to ACTA’s. We welcome any comments and contributions from persons who have experiences with other companies in this sector.

What forum members have in common: