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Welcome to ACTA-SIG
Hello ACTA-SIG members,
My name is Jan, I am the admin for this forum.

This forum is here for all persons interested in hydrogen energy storage systems. This group was founded by a group of persons interested in ACTA technology as a means to connect and share experiences with other customers or interested persons.

With Acta SpA having entered into a bankruptcy and restructuring process in December 2014, we wanted to create a network of people that are all interested in the continued availability and further development of the AEM Electrolyser technology.

We believe in the potential of AEM electrolysis as a key part of stationary hydrogen energy storage systems, particularly when powered directly from renewables and in remote locations with poor infrastructure or electricity grid.

In this forum we would like to discuss a broad range of topics related to our interest in ACTA technology, including
- experiences made with ACTA products
- maintenance issues
- details of the ACTA’s technology
- the current situation surrounding ACTA
- other companies with similar technologies
- news reports about hydrogen technology in general

Please take a moment to register and introduce yourself to the other members of the forum below. You will be able to see and take part in discussions on all boards after you are logged in.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not post any information or documents that are not in the public domain. We do not take responsibility for any infringement of intellectual property rights by any users.
[Image: PHASE_1.jpg]

Phi Suea House Phase 1 Energy System

Have a nice day, Jan

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